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Welcome to your home for Body Tempering Education!

This the Official home for everything Body Tempering training and education. 

We offer Body Tempering Certification IN PERSON and ONLINE AT HOME


 Becoming Body Tempering certified is a 2-step process:

1) First, you will take our Online Self Body Tempering Module.

This course is offered FREE of charge WITH the purchase of Body Tempering Certification via a DISCOUNT CODE in the registration email for Body Tempering Certification. However, it is also offered as a standalone course for those who are looking to learn how best to use their roller to  


2) Next, you will attend a Body Tempering Certification Course IN PERSON or  ONLINE AT HOME

Certification in Body Tempering is not a professionally recognized license. It is an indicator that you have been trained in the original techniques developed and authorized by Donnie Thompson and Body Tempering, LLC.


**If you register for a Body Tempering certification course, you will receive access to the online self tempering course (you don't have to pay twice). You will need to complete the online module PRIOR to attending the certification course and will only become certified and receive your certificate if both parts of the Body Tempering Certification are completed.



Wish to Continue your Body Tempering Education?

Pro System Course

We have partnered with Body Temper University out of Des Moines, Iowa to help showcase their PRO systems Course. This couse helps Bridge the gap between skill acquisition and business operation. The Body Tempering Pro System packages the application of Body Tempering® into a service business that generates an income. Taught by our associates, Body Temper University, the Pro System course is the final step in becoming eligible for Body Tempering affiliation.

This course equips attendees with:

  • The essentials of session programming

  • Assembling services and pricing options

  • Strategies to establish lease and commission relationships

  • Impactful marketing strategies

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