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Body Tempering Certification
Level 1

Body Tempering Certification- Level 1 is a course offering education on the fundamental techniques, principles, and methodologies of Body Tempering. Prospective Body Temperers and Affiliates must take Level 1 to obtain the necessary training required to safely perform Body Tempering. 

Upcoming Courses 

Columbia, SC


We are excited to partner with Body Temper University for a joint weekend where they are teaching their PRO systems course for those looking to set up an independent Body Tempering business.

This is registration for the Body Tempering Certification course ONLY.



Colorado Springs, CO


Registration opening soon!




San Diego, CA




Honolulu, HI




Summit 2023 (Chicago, IL)


*** This is NOT registration for the Body Tempering Summit hosted by Body Temper University***
This IS registration for the Body Tempering Certification course to occur the day BEFORE the BT Summit which starts on July 22, 2023.



Course Breakdown

Body Tempering Certification- Level 1 provides instruction on Body Tempering methodologies and techniques taught by our Body Tempering Education team. This course is open to all Body Tempering enthusiasts whether it's your first time touching a roller or you live for the feeling of steel in your hands! 

  • Includes the Online Self Tempering module and the in-person/online Body Tempering Certification Course (more information here)

    • Online pre-requisite course included in price​

  • 8 hours of classroom and break-out lab sessions

  • Systematic approach covering each body area individually

  • Learn on how to effectively and safely apply Body Tempering  to yourself and to others

  • All attendees will be provided with a comprehensive Body Tempering manual, discount codes for devices, and a chance to buy devices used at the course at a discount

  • CEU approval pending, but not yet approved


Online Self Tempering module. More information here. (included in price).


  • Complete the Online Self-Tempering Module

  • Review Certification Agreement. (Must be signed to receive certification). 

Additional Information

  • Body Tempering reserves the right to update pricing at any time.

  • Due to the amount of preparation required for each course, Body Tempering does not accommodate refunds or transfers.

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