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Body Tempering Certification
Level 1

Body Tempering Certification- Level 1 is a course offering education on the fundamental techniques, principles, and methodologies of Body Tempering. Prospective Body Temperers and Affiliates must take Level 1 to obtain the necessary training required to safely perform Body Tempering. 

Upcoming Courses 

OCT 7 - Columbia, SC BT-CL1


Body Tempering Certification Level 1 (BT-C L1)

Date: Saturday October 7, 2023

Location: Vertex Physical Therapy - Cayce, SC

1105 12th St.
Cayce, SC 29033

Contact: Josh Jeffery 513-259-3378

9AM - 5PM EST (lunch break 12-1PM)



Course Breakdown

Body Tempering Certification- Level 1 provides instruction on Body Tempering methodologies and techniques taught by our Body Tempering Education team. This course is open to all Body Tempering enthusiasts whether it's your first time touching a roller or you live for the feeling of steel in your hands! 

  • Includes the Online Self Tempering module and the in-person/online Body Tempering Certification Course (more information here)

    • Online pre-requisite course included in price​

  • 8 hours of classroom and break-out lab sessions

  • Systematic approach covering each body area individually

  • Learn on how to effectively and safely apply Body Tempering  to yourself and to others

  • All attendees will be provided with a comprehensive Body Tempering manual, discount codes for devices, and a chance to buy devices used at the course at a discount

  • CEU approval pending, but not yet approved


Online Self Tempering module. More information here. (included in price).


  • Complete the Online Self-Tempering Module

  • Review Certification Agreement. (Must be signed to receive certification). 

Additional Information

  • Body Tempering reserves the right to update pricing at any time.

  • Due to the amount of preparation required for each course, Body Tempering does not accommodate refunds or transfers.

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