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About Body Tempering

What is Body Tempering® Affiliation?

Body Tempering Affiliation is a designed for individuals who are passionate about spreading the Body Tempering method and brand. As an affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to use the Body Tempering trademark and branding to create your own legally recognized Body Tempering business.

The Affiliation program is a great opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded individuals. We're committed to providing them with the tools and support affiliates need to succeed. This includes access to a variety of upcoming resources and materials to help you promote and grow your business

Body Tempering Affiliation is designed for those who are passionate about the Body Tempering method and want to share it with others. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to expand your business or a passionate enthusiast who wants to spread the Body Tempering message, the Affiliation program is a great opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded individuals.

We believe that Body Tempering is more than just a method – it's a way of life. By becoming an affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to bring this transformative approach to your community and help others experience the benefits of Body Tempering firsthand.

By becoming an affiliate, you'll be able to offer your clients the high-quality they expect from the Body Tempering brand, while still maintaining the independence and flexibility of your own business. If you're ready to take your passion for Body Tempering to the next level and create your own officially affiliated business, we encourage you to apply today!

What Does Body Tempering® Affiliation Allow?

Affiliates can use the Body Tempering®  trademark legally and provide Body Tempering at a single physical location if you are affiliated. Affiliates can participate in local seminars and have reduced rates to Body Tempering Summits. Affiliates will be marketed by being placed on our Affiliate list where thousands of local patrons can find Affiliate's Body Tempering Business.

Additionally, as an affiliate owner, you have priority access to tickets for the Body Tempering Summits. If you send us images, we'll also take your affiliate into account for features on our social networking platforms!

Steps to Becoming a Body Tempering® Affiliate


Complete and maintain your Body Tempering® Level 1 Certification.


Complete your Pro System Course Certification.


Apply for affiliation.

Body Tempering® Affiliation Requirements

Body Tempering® Level 1 Certification

Body Tempering Affiliation Applicants are required to obtain and maintain at least the Level 1 Certification. We offer Level 1 Certification Courses in multiple locations throughout the year and will soon be offering online certification. Click Here for more information. 

Body Tempering® Pro System Certification

Body Tempering Affiliation Applicants are required to complete the Pro System Course taught by Body Temper University. We offer Pro System Certification Courses in multiple locations throughout the year as well as a virtual course. Click Here for more information. 


Body Tempering Affiliation Applicants are required to provide provide proof of insurance. A number of companys offer business insurance coverage. 

Applicants must provide a certificate of insurance (COI) that includes the following details: 

Minimum comprehensive general and professional liability $2,000,000 aggregate.

Minimum $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Applicant must list the corporate entity, personal name, and Body Tempering DBA (if applicable), and applicant must list Body Tempering, LLC as an additional insured (certificate holder). 

Body Tempering, LLC's address for the above is:


Body Tempering, LLC

2535 Morningside Dr.

West Columbia SC 29169

In the box labeled “Description of Operations/Locations…", Applicant must have the following:

  • Must include the Applicant's business address.

  • The verbiage “Certificate holder added as additional insured.”


As of January 1, 2023, affiliation costs $500 annually. Affiliate may choose to pay monthly for an additional 20%. 

Naming the Affiliation Buisness

Applicant must provide at least two proposed affiliate names. Body Tempering, LLC will approve any available names on the list. When approving names, we take into account things such as: outstanding applications, existing affiliate names, and the guidelines below.

No copyrighted names, entity names that affiliate does not personally own, names that would cause a person to believe the business is associated with another business or entity that is not personally owned by the affiliate, movie names, celebrity names, trademarked names, government agencies, or names that are already taken. All proposed names must have the word “Body Tempering” in it.

Buisness Marketing and Branding

Affiliate must only use their licensed name and no other variation. 

Website and Social Media

After you become affiliated, we won't be able to add to you on the Affiliate List until you have a functioning website. We use this as our major platform to promote you, thus we expect you to keep your website and corresponding social media pages in top shape. Please wait until your affiliate application has been granted before registering a domain with Body Tempering's name in it. Body Tempering®  is a licensed trademark, and using it without our prior consent is prohibited.

Below are the website requirements for licensed affiliates:

  • Affiliate must have the linked in the Navigation Bar or in a Clickable Banner on the home page. 

  • If Affiliate is a business that is not solely Body Tempering (i.e. it offers massage, physical therapy, etc.), Affiliate must create a separate Body Tempering page on the website. Please be sure that the link or Clickable Banner on the Body Tempering page.

  • Make sure that every piece of content on the website is unique or appropriately credited. (i.e, Affiliate must give attribution if you copy (or paraphrase) any text from the main website or another affiliate: "Courtesy of Body Tempering, LLC.").

  • All Body Tempering logos and graphics, as well as all photos from, are protected by Body Tempering, LLC, and none may be used without permission and acknowledgment. 

  • No wholesale reproduction of Body Tempering content is authorized. Please link instead.

  • Place the Body Tempering Affiliate name in a a conspicuous location.

  • Affiliate must use the same affiliate name on the site (e.g., Body Tempering Affiliate) as used in the license agreement.

  • Affiliate must include the business's actual location (city, state) and contact info in a conspicuous location.

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