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What is Body Tempering and why should you be doing it?

What it is

This is our definition of what body tempering is:

Body Tempering is a tool used to accelerate sport activity performance and recovery by combating soft tissue restrictions.

Body Tempering is utilizing weight to assist in joint and soft tissue mobilization. That weight can be light (3-5 lbs) up to Heavy (165 - 300 lbs). It is a tool to improve range of motion, increase flexibility, reduce soreness, mobilize the myofascial layers, address trigger points (or tender points), strengthen tendons, and alter sympathetic nervous system excitation.

It is a fundamental part of numerous professional and high level athletic programs. These include the NCAA football Champion Clemson Tigers, The MLB World Series Champs Kansas City Royals, The NCAA Women’s Basketball National Champion UCONN Huskies, The NFL Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, and Gold Medal Olympic Shotputters and Swimmers.

Any Coach, Athlete or Strength professional trains to outperform their competition. With your current level of knowledge are you equipped with every tool possible to help this happen. That training is meant to address the 2 main impediments to progress: Pain and Injury. Body Tempering, at it’s very DNA is meant to squash these roadblocks and help you be more prepared than your competition.

It’s designed to reduce tone leading to sprains/strains.

It’s design to open up range of motion and improve flexibility/mobility to achieve ideal positioning for training.

It’s design to reduce feelings of fatigue to lengthen work out time and reduce soreness to enhance future training sessions.

Body Tempering is meant to help augment any training or rehab protocols to help remove any doubt that you did everything you could to train to meet your individual goals. It is not meant to stand alone as a technique. It is also not meant to be a crutch for dealing with more serious medical issues in the absence of professional medical care. We often wait until something is broken to fix it and ignore the importance of routine maintenance. Tempering meant to help prevent injury or in a medical capacity to help reduce soreness, reduce tightness, and improve range of motion, not act as an isolated treatment. Body tempering without optimal movement or training is going to be inefficient. 

We, at Body Tempering have had the unique opportunity to work with all kinds of athletes and patients. And, of all the unique characters we have encountered, Donnie Thompson exists in a different echelon of elite athlete and innovative mind. That innovation is born of a lifetime of training and forged by the weight of a 3,000 lb total. Through the trial and error that occurred in his training facilities, he discovered body tempering. And as a result, his gyms have produced multiple white lights in lifting on the platform with no real injury and reduced pain that doesn’t impede their training or performance. Body Tempering is a fundamental part of that success.

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