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 We are currently updating our entire certification and affiliation process. Please read below to learn of all the changes coming to Body Tempering!



By completing the form we will mail you a new Certification Certificate to display at your business and we will mark your first round of Continuing Education Requirements as completed! 
If you fail to complete or decline this form your certification will automatically expire and you will be removed from the database. By declining or failing to complete, you will no longer have permission to use the Body Tempering Trademark in any way and have thirty (30) days from the date of decline or official notice from Body Tempering, LLC to remove "Body Tempering" from all social media, blogs, resumes, and the like. 

For more information please continue reading below.


Continuing Education

Starting in 2023, all BT-C's are required to complete Continuing Education Units to maintain a valid Certification. These requirements must be fulfilled every 5 years.

To fulfill the requirements you must obtain 4 Credits by doing any of the following:

  1. Re-attend the corresponding Body Tempering Certification Course (4 Credits)

  2. Take a more advanced Body Tempering Course (i.e. BT-C2, Pro-Systems, and other future offerings) (4 Credits).

  3. Take a Continuing Education Course Offered by Body Tempering or any of our partners. (2 Credits).

  4. Submit any fitness or mobility Continuing Education or Certification Courses for credit approval. (1 Credit)

  5. Volunteer at an Official Body Tempering Seminar or Event (3 Credits)  

For all certifications prior to 2023, by reading and agreeing to the Body Tempering Certification Agreement,  your first round of Continuing Education Requirements will be marked completed automatically, making your certification valid for 10 YEARS! 

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Body Tempering®  Trademark Use

As you may already know, Body Tempering, LLC is the rightful owner of the trademark "Body Tempering." The Body Tempering Certification allows you to use the "Body Tempering" mark in limited uses. Specifically, you may mention the "BT-C1" or "Body Tempering® Level 1 Certified" certification in your biography, resume, curriculum vitae, or professional biography. You may also list this qualification on your business card.

Please be advised that this is your official notice. Without explicit permission from Body Tempering, LLC, you are not permitted to use the Body Tempering® trademark in any business name or in any manner that could lead someone to assume you are an officially linked business organization. This includes—but is not restricted to—using the Body Tempering® brand as part of the name of a fitness center, studio, or other connected enterprise. 

Additionally, without specific permission from Body Tempering, LLC, you are not permitted to use the Body Tempering® brand in any social media handles or usernames that might lead a viewer to believe you are an officially linked company.

If you are already using "Body Tempering" in your business name or social media, please read below on how to continue its use.


Grandfathering Program

Body Tempering is quickly expanding! In order to ensure quality and compliance, and protection of the brand, we will be requiring affiliation to use the "Body Tempering" Trademark in a business name or social media handle starting in 2024. Before the Affiliation Roll out, we are creating a grandfathering program for those using the trademark in their business name or social media handle prior to 2023.


All BT-C's currently using "Body Tempering" in their business name or social media handle and wish to continue using the Body Tempering Trademark must apply for the Grandfathering Program and meet all Grandfathering requirements. 

Who is eligible for Grandfathering: 

  1. Any BT-C using "Body Tempering" (or any variation) in their business name (LLC, LP, LLP, Corp., etc.) prior to 2023.

  2. Any BT-C using "Body Tempering" (or any variation) in their social media handle prior to 2023.

Requirements for Grandfathering are as follows:

  1. Complete and sign new BT-C Agreement

  2. Proof of business registration and/or social media handle use prior to 2023. 

    1. For those who used "Body Tempering" in their social media handle prior to 2023, but have not registered their business with their state, must register their "Body Tempering" business before 2024. ​

  3. Obtain valid Business Insurance. (No minimum requirement). 

  4. Apply for the Grandfathering program. 

  5. Sign Trademark License Agreement.

For those in Grandfathered in, we will NEVER require any additional courses (outside CEU requirements for BT-C1), and we will NEVER require any additional fees for the Trademark's use. 

For more information please email us at

Please be advised that this is your official notice. 

All persons using the Body Tempering Brand in their social media handles or business name in a way that is unauthorized, or leads a consumer to believe the person is officially affiliated with Body Tempering without express written consent form Body Tempering, LLC have until January 1, 2024 to apply.


All those who do not comply with the above requirements by January 1, 2024, must cease improper use of the Body Tempering Trademark and Brand. Continued use will result in legal action.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proper use of the Body Tempering® trademark, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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