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What’s the Science behind Body Tempering?

Everything You Need to Know

The Effects of Body Tempering on Force Production, Flexibility and Muscle Soreness in Collegiate Football Athletes

Published: 11 January 2022

By Christopher B. Taber,
Roy J. Colter,
Jair J. Davis,
Patrick A. Seweje,
Dustin P. Wilson,
Jonathan Z. Foster
Justin J. Merrigan


“The results of this study demonstrated that tempering can be an effective way to reduce soreness in strength and power athletes. Since athletes may report a reduction in soreness, allowing for improved performance during training or competition, body tempering can be used before training or competition to prepare athletes for the task at hand. Body tempering is a relatively quick intervention, only requiring three minutes per limb, which can allow for multiple athletes to receive the intervention in a short period of time.”


Body Tempering: A New Approach for Myofascial Specific Technique?

The University of Texas at Austin

Body tempering is a promising technique as a myofascial specific procedure.  However, further specific research studies evaluating the impact Body Tempering has and the mechanisms by which this technique acts is needed.  

Body Tempering for Myofascial Pain & Performance Enhancement: Proposed Mechanisms

BT appears to help prepare soft tissue for activity and improve muscle recovery, with longer-lasting results than static stretching, massage, or other soft tissue interventions. BT has become increasingly popular, particularly among athletes, and it was recently credited with reducing soft tissue injuries in professional football (i.e. NFL) players by 30% during the 2017-2018 season. Notably, while improvements in pain, soft tissue extensibility/relaxation, circulation, hydration, recovery/tissue repair, and enhanced proprioception are all considered goals of BT, the physiologic mechanisms associated with the improvements following the use of BT remain to be elucidated.

Muscle and Fitness

Replace the foam with steel to enhance your ability to hoist more iron without the pain.

With all that buzz going on about body tempering—and it being so new that many people have not experienced it yet—a lot of questions come up about why it works or what makes it different than other types of treatments.

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