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Pro System Workshop

Bridging the gap between skill acquisition and business operation. Our Body Temper University Pro System packages the application of this emerging craft into a service business.

This course equips attendees with:

  • The essentials of session programming

  • Assembling services and pricing options

  • Strategies to establish lease and commission relationships

  • Impactful marketing strategies

Attendees will also be:

  • Outfitted with adequate tools to use for the weekend

  • Paired with multiple tempering partners for hands-on practice

  • Provided a client “case study” to work on

  • Evaluated on their “case study” programming and interaction by a certified body tempering practitioner

  • Added to Body Temper University Pro Directory

Upcoming Courses

Virtual Course Available!

Body Temper University now offers a virtual version of its Pro System Course! The Virtual Pro System will equip you with the same great knowledge and hands-on experience as the in-person. 

How It Works:
  1. To get access to the Pro System video library you must be Body Temper Certified (BT-C ). This will get you up-to-date with the basic concepts explored throughout the course.

  2. Once BT-C you'll be able to unlock the full Pro System Workshop video library. Watch the videos, review the Pro System Manual and get to practicing!

  3. Complete 5 unique case studies to showcase your understanding of the material.

  4. Book + pass a virtual exam demonstrating the protocols on a 'client' of yours via Zoom video conferencing with a member of the BTU team.

  5. Congrats, you've learned the Body Temper University Pro System! You will now be recognized as a BT-C Pro and added to the directory.


BT-C Level 1


  • We recommend a minimum of 20 hours of Body Tempering others before participating in Pro System.

  • Review Certification Agreement. (Must be signed to receive certification). 

Additional Information

  • Body Tempering reserves the right to update pricing at any time.

  • Due to the amount of preparation required for each course, Body Tempering does not accommodate refunds or transfers.

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