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Body Tempering
Grandfathering Program

What is the Body Tempering® Grandfathering Program?

As we create and develop our affiliation program, we wanted to give our Body Tempering Certified Practitioners, that used the "Body Tempering" trademark in their business name or social media handle prior to 2023, a chance to continue using the trademark without being subject to the affiliation requirements. So, we created the Grandfathering Program.

What Does Body Tempering® Grandfathering Allow?

Applicants can continue to use the Body Tempering®  trademark legally and indefinitely (provided they maintain their BT-C1 certification). We promise to never subject any of our Grandfathered BT-C's to any affiliation fee or course requirements in the future (outside CEU's for BT-C1 maintenance). 

Who is eligible?

  1. Any BT-C using "Body Tempering" (or any variation) in their business name (LLC, LP, LLP, Corp., etc.) prior to 2023.

  2. Any BT-C using "Body Tempering" (or any variation) in their social media handle prior to 2023.

Steps to Becoming  Grandfathered in


Submit proof of BT-C1

Business Name / Social Media

Submit proof of the use of "Body Tempering" in your business name and/or social media handle prior to 2023.


Submit proof of business liability insurance.

Body Tempering® Grandfathering Requirements

  1. Complete and sign the new BT-C Agreement

  2. Proof of business registration and/or social media handle use prior to 2023. 

    1. Those who used "Body Tempering" (or a variation thereof) in their social media handle prior to 2023, but have not registered their business with their state, must register their "Body Tempering" business before 2024. ​

  3. Obtain valid Business Liability Insurance. (No minimum requirement). 

  4. Apply for the Grandfathering program. 

  5. Sign Trademark License Agreement (to be emailed after application acceptance).

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